Jian Xin(Suzhou)Industrial Technology Co.,Ltd.

Suzhou jianbutao IOT Technology Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as jianbutao) is an entrepreneurial company based on IOT technology and with the mission of reconstruction of digital management integrated solution of smart city, providing customers with safe and reliable IOT products and services. At present, the core Internet of things acquisition and communication module, which is independently developed, is embedded in the Internet of things operating system, with complete function definition and integrated with perfect signal acquisition function. It has the characteristics of convenient access, low power consumption, long distance, strong penetration, etc. The intelligent gateway, temperature and humidity monitoring, liquid level limit alarm, liquid depth detection, gas monitoring, article displacement monitoring, water quality detection and other applications have been successfully realized. In addition, a set of matching equipment monitoring platform has been built, covering monitoring point exploration, equipment installation, commissioning, online, maintenance and other process management and control, and has the ability of data forwarding, monitoring, early warning and other capabilities of the sensing layer. Located in the beautiful Suzhou Industrial Park and backed by Wuxi, the "city of the Internet of things", the company can give full play to its advantages as the forefront of the development of the Internet of things, with a perfect industrial chain and entrepreneurial environment of the Internet of things. In the future, we will adhere to the concept of "more connections, more values", continue to increase investment in product research and development, technology and other aspects, use our professional knowledge and understanding of the Internet of things, continue to produce higher performance, stable and reliable products and programs, further expand business, and work with partners to build a thriving Internet of things smart city ecological chain.

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